In the midst of depression or anxiety, it is often difficult to enjoy the simplest things in life.

Day to day activities become a chore and motivation gradually ceases to a halt.

Even simple day to day living can become a mere existence without structure and routine.

Day to day functioning is a tiresome task in itself, eating, sleeping, and often fatigue and lack of energy overtakes the will to set day to day goals in order to accomplish a decent quality of life.

A bit like driving through thick, dense fog or a heavy battering of rain, with no clear view only a rough cognitive map of the road ahead within.

When the fog in our minds sets in, it can become difficult to make even the simplest of decisions or judgements,.

However, I do believe beauty can be found in the simplest things in life.

Within us all, lie passions or things that make us happy or bring us a glimmer of inner peace.

Things that bring us back to ourselves .That reconnect us to our own identity.

And even in the midst of mental illness, I do believe a positive activity can engage us in a sense of positive mental wellbeing.

Activities outdoors for example; gardening (if weather permits), fishing, walking , running, fruit picking, going to the beach and listening to the waves roll against the shore, can be such a peaceful experience and also very reflective.

Indoor activities can be as simple as ; reading a book, writing down some inner thoughts and feelings in a little journal, or producing a sonnet or a poem.

Often reading an autobiography can give us insight into the resilience of the human spirit through immense adversity, which can inspire hope when we connect with the pain of others around us and how they found inner strength to overcome their trauma.

Everyone has different ways of coping with life, and nobody will deal with the same set of circumstances in the same way.

How people react to stress and difficult situations is different due to a variety of factors, including genetic/environmental/stress vulnerability

But how people cope with stress and manage it is individual to them in equal measure.

The vital essence of this , is having self awareness and insight into one’s self ,

what causes us to feel sad and unhappy or anxious, and how we can manage it in a positive way.

Sometimes, the only way to understand oneself and resilience is in times of true adversity.

And though painful, it is often helpful to connect with others who have gone through similar experiences to establish an understanding and  human validation for one’s feelings.

To have feelings judged or dismissed by people with a lack of understanding can be a frustrating experience.

Forgiving people, who often do not understand what you are going through, because you would not wish on them the pain they would have to endure to do so.

And establishing hope in accepting feelings of helplessness within, connecting with people who do understand or who have gone through similar experiences and writing down what gives us happiness or small goals we would like to achieve.

Setting a small goal creates a sense of hope. It is like a footstep on a journey. And the most important thing isn’t trying to envision the end result. Because that would be rather overwhelming. But just living in a concept of what is achieveable today. in the next 24 hours.

And simply embracing each day, the people that cross our paths in that time, and how we can live a more fulfilled, content life in that time.