I think one of the most challenging aspects of life, not just for myself, but for people I meet in life; friends, work colleagues, people I meet on a daily basis through work and generally in life, is the concept of ‘self belief’.

In a competitive world, measured by success, popularity and particularly the inability to escape the influx of social media, coupled with media marketing aimed at flawless physical attractiveness and beautifully toned physiques, it only seems inevitable those with fragile egos and those with a more delicate ‘self image’ and sense of self, can be left feeling sometimes, inadequate and self doubting.

I personally believe the current rise in self harm amongst adolescents and young people which is becoming a common theme in certain age groups, could be related to a disjointed sense of self.

Nobody would build a house on sand, so why do we as human beings allow the foundations of our lives to become so imbalanced, that we lack a concrete foundation.

I believe there are so many people living with bad feeling about themselves and their own lives consumed by guilt, resentment, self doubt, self criticism and perhaps this is affecting how they view themselves. Drawing comparisons to others who appear possibly more attractive, more intelligent, more successful, more powerful. The only outcome this can ever lead to is a sense of failure and disappointment.

But here is my analogy that I hope will help others change the view they have of themselves, at whatever point they may be…

Imagine the most beautiful diamond you have ever seen, so bright that your eyes squint because it hurts your eyes. Imagine yourself as that diamond. Your whole being.

If that diamond was dropped in some mud, or scratched or somehow disfigured somehow, its internal worth and value would always remain static.

So the point is, on the outset, no matter what we do ; our failures, let downs,misgivings, inadequacies, should not dictate how we feel about ourselves.

Our true value and worth is like the diamond in the mud. It shines within us, no matter what lies behind us and what lies ahead of us. People are human, people make mistakes, life is about taking mistakes that have been made and using them as stepping stones to build the bridge across what can sometimes be a turbulent river.

But with the right tools and right perspective, anything is possible! It isn’t about looking back and it isn’t about anyone else. It’s about having positive goals and positive visions and being able to stand firm within oneself.

Sometimes in life, the storms of life will prevail. And if I imagine myself in a little boat amongst the storm , my boat does not capsize and I will not panic. Because within that boat I have found the most valuable asset I will ever know, my own spirituality. My own safety net.

You don’t need to see love, to know that it exists, all around us.

It the most powerful force I believe there is and the strongest asset we could ever own. Love for ourselves and love for other people.

And for me spirituality is an amalgamation of faith, hope and love. All powerful and unseen forces that require a belief in an existence greater than our own being.But at the same time, living within ourselves.

This in my own opinion to be the true core of a stable inner base. The freedom letting go of our own negative self perception, which enables us to love again and accept the love of others, expanding our faith in something beyond our own understanding, which charges hope of a more empowered life and enhanced awareness of ourselves, strengths, greatest assets and abilities birthing the concept of a reframed self belief and robust inner sense of self.