Today I wanted to write about how we can change ourselves when we are powerless over circumstances around us.

Often in life, unpredictable events can happen, that can often cause us to react negatively or pessimistically depending on the circumstances we face.

Life can often seem volatile and there is often a lack of indication to which direction we face or how to arrive at our chosen destination, wherever that may be.

Daily, I meet people both personally and professionally with turbulent lives and therefore confused ideas about themselves and how to move forward positively.

How can we allow adverse circumstances to change us for the better?

People often struggle to find a sense of purpose in the midst of despair or tragedy in life and it can feel hopeless to those faced with such circumstances.

But I feel as human beings we have elements of our own inner resilience and strength available to us, if we are willing to look into ourselves.

In the dense expanse of our own universe , on a clear winter’s night filled with deep darkness there are twinkling bright lights igniting the sky with stark beauty. We can choose to focus on the expanse of the darkness that surrounds us,  or the beauty of the beacons of light piercing the sky.

Noone knows what tomorrow will bring, but if we continue to focus on the guiding lights in our own life, we will always be moving forward and not looking back.

Such like, the analogy of the caterpillar that doesn’t seem so significant or vivid, but it begins to build a little wall around itself in the form of a metamorphosis, creating a silky bed in which it transforms through a process into an adult, it undergoes a transformation, just as we do as human beings, that enables a new beautiful creation as it becomes a butterfly.

I am not sure I know of anything so miraculous or attractive in nature as a butterfly, filled with joy and freedom, despite its previous journey to become such a distinctive specimen of nature so handsome.

I sometimes think we can follow the example of a caterpillar allow events that occur in our own lives and circumstances to transform us inwardly despite our powerlessness to the outside world, to become like the butterfly and allow ourselves a greater sense of purpose in live beyond  our wildest imaginings if we would only believe in ourselves and our own inner resources, as well as perhaps for those who may have a faith in something greater than themselves.

For me, this is my own spirituality which is love, I think this is the greatest and most powerful force there is and it can overcome everything, if we allow it into our lives. The greatest gift we can ever give to those around us is love, but also to ourselves and being aware of how valuable and worthy we are as human beings and valuing each other and those around us.

And like the butterfly, we are also as beautiful but also as fragile and just like the butterfly has to use time cautiously as it has a time span as delicate as it’s tender wings, so we too as humans should value our time on earth and those we allow into our precious lives, so that we only allow the goodness of those to permeate around us and for those who have a negative impact create a barrier around us to protect our fragile souls from the damage this could create. We are valuable and precious like the butterfly and we should see ourselves no differently or less favourably.

(With special thanks to my beautiful cousin Susan for allowing me to use the photograph of this butterfly on my site x)