The Butterfly

Today I wanted to write about how we can change ourselves when we are powerless over circumstances around us. Often in life, unpredictable events can happen, that can often cause us to react negatively or pessimistically depending on the circumstances... Continue Reading →

Self harm and effective management

Addressing barriers to effective mental health care What I felt compelled to write about is, what I personally perceive to be barriers to effective delivery of mental health care in more general environments. My first ever profound encounter with someone... Continue Reading →

Purpose lies within

In a world where there is darkness, I await a shining light. Like gazing into a moonlit sky, so dense is the dark night, I am captivated by the stars. Though as the bitterness encompasses me, I embrace the night,... Continue Reading →


After many years of studying why people make decisions to end their own lives, I have decided to write a blog aimed at promoting positivity and purpose in the lives of individuals who feel in any way hopeless or generally... Continue Reading →

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